Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve come to the last month of classes in the program. We wrapped up the shelf exam covering med pharm material for the entire year only a couple weeks ago, and our schedule is beginning to settle down. It seems like a lot of us have been able to shift some focus to research, volunteering, and/or preparations for med school applications, which are quickly approaching. Thus, this month, I have maintained my previous volunteer commitments with Habitat and Sci High, with the addition of volunteering on weekends in the emergency department at Ochsner Medical Center.

For Habitat this month, I worked installing windows and doors on another new house in New Orleans East. After working on several homes in the area, I have started to recognize some of the other finished homes they’ve built there and have even worked with several new owners who are investing “sweat equity” into new projects in the area. I’m always amazed at the commitment and dedication the community has towards continuing Habitat’s progress and the impact they’ve been able to achieve. It’s been great work to be a part of. Likewise, the students at Sci High are mowing through new subjects at a rapid clip. They have already made their way through studying trig identities and into matrices and determinants, which has been a learning experience for all of us. Still, it’s been great to have more time to help them out as they get into their final weeks of the year as well. And at Ochsner, I have been working and communicating with the hospital staff at triage while helping patients upon their arrival and stay in the ER. The work has been great added clinical experience so far and another way to put some of the concepts we’ve learned to an applied setting. I’ve been impressed when I recognize the majority of drugs patients are taking and the clinical profile for their use (those long study hours are already paying off). I think the work will be a great way to maintain some of these concepts and valuable experience as the new application cycle begins.

- Habitat for Humanity: 8 hours
- Sci High: 3 hours
- Ochsner ED: 8 hours
- Total Spring Semester: 36.5 hours