Friday, April 28, 2017

April 2017

April hours
- Ochsner ED: 16 hours

Spring semester hours
- Ochsner ED: 24 hours
- Habitat for Humanity: 24 hours
- Sci High: 4.5 hours

- Spring semester total: 52.5 hours

- Academic year total: 109 hours

Well, our year in the pharm program has come to an end. This week, we finished our last exam, and today’s seminar marked the final event of the semester. Looking back, it’s been an incredibly productive and rewarding year. Our class dedicated countless hours to study, community service, research, and/or clinical work, and we have all come out better from the experience.
Some of our class has already packed up and made their trip back home and many others will be doing the same over the next few weeks. Some of though, like myself, will be staying in New Orleans to either work in research, public service organizations, health clinics, etc. But, almost all of us are preparing our applications for the new AMCAS cycle, which officially opens next month. In the midst of that, I plan to continue my work in research and maintain many of the public service commitments I established since relocating to New Orleans. This month, I have continued my volunteer work in the Ochsner emergency room, and I can already notice my proficiency for the work there increasing (a background in pharmacology is very useful).

That said, best of luck to next year’s pharm class. Feel free to contact me with any questions.