Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016

It’s the holiday season, and we are winding down our first semester. We just finished a short break for Thanksgiving and are beginning the final block covering the GI system. It has been a short five months since the beginning of the program, but the progress has been remarkable. The work has been hard, but I’ve been amazed at how much we’ve accomplished. So far, we’ve learned about countless drugs, numerous techniques in clinical and research medicine, and I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer with four different organizations in Louisiana. It’s been a learning experience settling into the curriculum as well as a new city, but the process has been incredibly rewarding.
This month, I have continued my work with Habitat, where I have worked on building the foundational structure for a new house in East New Orleans as well as finishing the flooring and interior portion of the house I first worked on just three months ago. I was amazed and excited to see how quickly the construction of a new house has come along; it appears the closing process is underway and residents will be able to move in very soon. It’s been a very productive experience to volunteer with Habitat and work on building and renovating homes for individuals or families in need. One of my primary community service goals for volunteering in New Orleans was to help the need for affordable housing within the city, and it’s been fulfilling work to be a part of that with this organization.
As we finish this semester and move into the next, I look forward to the new studies ahead and the continuing opportunities to volunteer within the city. Happy holidays from New Orleans.

Habitat for Humanity: 16 hours

Total Fall Semester: 49.5 hours

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